Rules of Use & Code of Conduct

Entry procedure – All members must show the membership card at their entrance to the club.

SPECIAL MEASURES COVID-19: Until further notice, members can only access the club by prior reservation.

Guests – You can access the venue with a maximum of two guests at a time unless you have reserved a meeting space. Your presence as a member will be mandatory whenever you invite people to our facilities.  If you are coming with guests, check them in at the reception. We will ask for their names, surnames, and identification so that we can receive them if they arrive after you and you prefer to wait for them inside. Guests cannot stay in the space once the member that has invited them leaves the space.  Please, ask them not to arrive before you, they will have to wait outside.

Casual clothing – Palauet | Barcelona Tech City is a casual and informal space, ad so it is the dress code. There is no need to adapt your clothing to us; within certain limits, come as you are.

Minors – Palauet | Barcelona Tech City is a private space for adult entrepreneurs, professionals and partners. We know that many of you have children, but we do specific spaces for them in the building. We conceive Palauet | Barcelona Tech City as a leisure and disconnection space where you can meet other entrepreneurs or partners without distraction.

Animals – We like animals and our pts, but they are not welcome in our spaces We only admit companionship animals.

Bikes, scooters and other electric vehicles – They might be a common mean of transport, but we cannot let you in with bikes, scooters or any other electric vehicles. We are sorry but you will have to come by other means or park them in the street.

Use of phones and mobile devices – We have some areas where the use of phone is not allowed. Please respect those spaces and their occupants. Additionally, consider other members before making calls or videoconferences in open spaces.

Photos and audiovisual material – It is completely forbidden to take photographs and audiovisual materials of Pañauet | Barcelona Tech City in which it appears any person, except in the open activities and only in the space they are taking place.

Image and recording rights – The organization of el Palauet | Barcelona Tech City may record or photograph events and activities that take place in its spaces with the aim of being used for advertising purposes. Your attendance to these events implies the acceptance of use of your image. We will not request your express consent, nor will you be entitled to financial compensation for the use or publication of these materials.

Restoration payment policy – Payments at el Palauet | Barcelona Tech City can only be made by card and must be settled in fully before leaving the building. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Food and beverage – We offer breakfast, lunch and bar service. It is totally forbidden to consume food and drink from outside in the space.

Membership fee payment – Being member of Palauet | Barcelona Tech City is independent of the fee of the association, even though it is mandatory to be a member of the latter. By completing your registration form you consent for your monthly fee to be charged once we approve your membership application. Fees can only be paid by direct debit. The non-payment, total or partial, of the monthly fee, will result in the cancellation of your rights as a member.

Termination of your membership – To cancel your membership, please send an email to stating UNSUSCRIBE in the subject and detailing all your personal data. We will not identify you just through the email address.

Communications – By completing your membership application you agree to receive informative and business-related communications by email or by phone.

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